San Fran here I come! Right after this 4 hour layover…

Well I’m off on my two week adventure to Cali… Sort of. Technically speaking we haven’t even left the state yet. Here I was thinking that we would get to fly out of Hilo to Kahului and jump on the plane to Oakland just in time to make it to the first Friday festivities. Well wasn’t I wrong. As it turns out, Hawaiian air’s plane had technical difficulties in Oakland and won’t be arriving for another four and a half hours. Sweet. I get to arrive in Oakland at 12:30 am on a sketchy plane. But the $12 meal vouchers the airline gave us totally made up for it (not really.)
The Maui airport has some decent eateries, though most of them don’t accommodate to vegetarians. We ate at a burger place and got a meatless cheeseless burger with avocado lettuce tomato and caramelized onions, french fries, and chips with salsa and guacamole. It was pretty good, and free, it’s hard to argue with free. Plus we got to dine on a giant surf board. Classy.



Well besides this minor setback I’m still really excited. I’m going to stay in Berkeley for 5 days with my sister. Were gonna run around the city, do some hardcore thrift shopping, and just be rampant wild teenage girls… shenanigans will ensue. In the words of my dad were gonna “act like were grown ups.” Thomas is coming up on Tuesday for a night and from there were gonna mosey on down the coast stopping in San Jose, San Luis Obispo, LA, and eventually ending up in San Diego. I’m quite excited, but it’s hard to be enthused when your plane is delayed several hours and your stuck in an airport with several rambunctious toddlers. I feel like 9/10 people who fly find it necessary to tote along their whining screaming little bundles of joy.


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