Well we made it to Coronado! And it only took one sketchy train that arrived about three hours late. Awesome. I love traveling.

On the bright side I discovered my love for Luna Bar’s chocolate dipped coconut nutrition bar

But that’s okay because we made it and Coronado is beautiful.

The houses are all perfect with flowering gardens and neatly trimmed yards. Kids are out in the streets riding bikes, families are taking walks together, dogs are laughing, angels are singing, yadda yadda. The weather is absolutely immaculate, it makes me miss the Hilo rain a little bit, but it’s great for bike riding and beach walks, which is exactly what we’ve been doing.

On Saturday Thomas and I rode the ferry over to San Diego and went shopping at Horton plaza.

Horton Plaza

We hit up Forever 21 and Victoria’s Secret among other stores. I got a new skirt, a mint top, a new embellished jean jacket, and some VS athletic shorts 😀

We even got some yummy sorbet. Sorbet >; Ice cream.

And we went to lunch at the Burger Lounge. Now, I know what your thinking… burgers… vegan… two words that don’t really go hand in hand. This place came up on my happy cow app so I thought we should give it a try, and it turned out to be pretty awesome. Although they didn’t have a lot of vegan options on the menu, all of their burgers looked pretty legit. Fresh local ingredients, hormone free grass fed beef, and an assortment of salads.

Thomas got the salmon burger

I opted for a salad and it was amazing. It was their featured menu item: a quinoa salad with roasted squash, corn and tomato, arugula, spinach, kale, and red onions with almonds in a tomato vinaigrette.

Organic Quinoa Salad

Then we rode the ferry back to Coronado and walked to the beach! The water was actually really warm, just full of seaweed. The beach on Coronado is huge and stretches for miles along the coast.

Alana buried in the sand


The next day Thomas and I went to lunch with my Aunt Hilary and Uncle Harry. We went to Peohe’s, a cute little restaurant on the pier that does a lot of seafood. I ordered a salad and it was really good. It had candied walnuts…. mmm, candied walnuts where have you been all my life?

At Peohe’s

And when we got home I played my first official game of croquet!

I was pretty terrible at it. We ended up playing lightning round croquet and breaking one of the mallets.

And then we went to the pool!

And after walking home, me and Thomas took a stroll through the park where there was an outdoor concert going on. A beach boys cover band was playing and it was packed! Still pretty fun though.

Concert in the park

7th street at sunset


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