Finally Home!

I have completed my two week rampage through California and I am happy yet sad to say that I am finally home! I had a great time. I miss my sister, I miss Berkeley, I miss my boyfriend (!!!) I miss the shopping and the going out, I miss the food, I miss how the sun stays out until 9 o’clock, I miss bike riding around coronado, I miss croquet, I miss the beautiful houses with the perfectly mown lawns and pristine rose gardens. A part of me wishes she was still in California, but a part of me is glad to be home, because while I missed all those things, I missed even more things about home. I missed the bipolar weather, I missed the rain against my window that kept me sleeping well into the morning, I missed me car and having the freedom to drive anywhere at anytime, I missed being able to cook or bake anything on a whim, I missed my mom and dad and my dog, I missed the cool fresh city-free air, I missed my bed!!!! And a slew of other things I can’t really think of at the moment.

So to wrap up this five part installment of my adventures I shall fill you in on how I spent the last handful of days in Coronado.

Where did we leave off? Ahh yes we had just spent Sunday in the park at a concert. It was around this time that I was starting to feel a little scratchy in my throat, so lo and behold, Monday I woke up feeling absolutely horrible. My throat was sore, my nose was running, my ears were all plugged up and water logged, and I was a complete mess. But somehow Thomas and the kids convinced me to go to the water park.

And it was pretty fun. There were some notable rides such as this funnel-y looking one and the coronado express which brought you dangerously close to the edge of the slide.

After a long day at the water park… what a cutie

And then we had a picnic at a nearby park. And I met Thomas’s grandma! What a woman! 85 and still as sharp as a tack. She reminded me of feisty Betty White. She had all of these ridiculous sayings, things that only grandparents can get away with saying, and you have no idea what they mean, but somehow it makes sense, and you’re left scratching your head wondering how in the world they came up with that. His Grandpa was very sweet as well. He was quite and reserved and let grandma steal the show, but I really enjoyed their company.

After coming home we took a nice loooong nap and it was wonderful! Then we ordered a smorgoiseborg of thai food.

Waking up the next morning was awful. By this time, my sickness was in full swing and taking no prisoners. I almost missed going to grandma’s house, but I’m glad I didn’t. Grandmas have a way of making you feel perceivably better, just by doing their grandma thing.

So at his grandmother’s request I gargled some warm salt water, which made my throat feel 10x better. Then, we went to the pool for a few hours and lounged around. Dinner followed and I didn’t go hungry! Not by a long shot. His grandma went out of her way to assure that I had several options to choose from including fruit salad, brown rice with toppings, and steamed vegetables.

We spent the night at his grandparents house and lounged around for the better part of the next morning. For lunch we went to the Souplantation. Basically, it was an all you can eat soup, salad, pasta, fruit, bread, and dessert buffet with the most extensive salad bar I’ve ever seen. They need to bring this to Hawai’i, though I doubt it would be as cheap (like $8 a person!)

After coming back to Coronado we relaxed for a little while. Thomas and I made plans to go into the city for my last evening. While we were sitting in the yard enjoying the sunshine, Alana launched a water balloon at us from the roof. This was shortly followed by an all out water fight that included an umbrella, a hose nozzle set on jet, and a super soaker water gun with a water pack. Mayhem ensued. Only after we waged an all out epic water battle, and we were completely soaked from head to toe, did we set out to celebrate our last night together (for a while anyway).

We went back to Horton Plaza and did some more shopping.

San Diego at Sunset

And we went out for Indian food! Mmmm

We got Samosas, Kabuli bread (stuffed with raisins and coconut), mint Partha, vegetable Biryani, and Bengan Bartha

The restaurant was really lovely. We had the perfect seat right by a fountain.

After our meal we walked around the gaslamp district. It’s basically a part of San Diego where there are old fashioned gas lamps instead of street lights. There are also a lot of stores and restaurants.

We took the bus in search of a vegan bakery which turned out to be closed down in place of a vegan fastfood place which had just closed. We waited to catch our bus home, but it drove right past us (what the heck?). Thankfully we were able to hitch a ride home with Amy, who was coming in to stay at the house in Coronado.

After coming home we took the bikes out and rode to a spot that had a spectacular view of the city overlooking the water. When we rode home we enjoyed some coconut ice cream and one last rousing game of cranium (I was finally on a winning team… woohoo!)

The next day I caught a 10 o’clock flight home, and the rest as they say, is history.

So goodbye California, until we meet again, I have a feeling it won’t be long.


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